I’m so excited to finally be able to share my Woodshed article in the Keyboard School Section of the September 2015 Issue of DownBeat Magazine!! I wrote about using language as a tool for composing and improvising. I hope you enjoy the article and share it with your friends and students.

Here is a link to access the Digital Edition:
Downbeat Magazine Digital Edition
See pages 82 and 83 for my Woodshed article and see page 77 for the Keyboard School photo. You can pick up a hard copy of the magazine in stores starting next week!

Today is the official release date for my debut album “Padme”. Visit the Buy CD page on this website to purchase a CD directly from me, or follow the iTunes link for a digital download of the CD.

“CAILI O’DOHERTY/Padme: Abandon your preconceived notions before cracking the shrink wrap here. This fair colleen with India thoughts is actually an award winning jazz tyro whose debut plays wisely and winningly well beyond her young years. Coming out of the gate like American Pharoah at the Belmont, she takes the lead, keeps the lead and finishes the race wondering when it’s going to begin. If piano playing had thoroughbreds, you’d be listening to one here. This is a fine example of a fearless, young voice who found the sweet spot where her way and the right way merge as one well before a flashpoint on the horizon.”

Link: Midwest Record Blog Review